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The original character

I first drew this character several years ago, just a quick sketch but I felt he had some qualities which I felt could be worked into many other characters I had sketched out or had in my mind to create. So I needed to establish a lead character which I felt other illustrations could grow from.

There is a lovable freak in us all

The evolution of Freakboy, started with a very rough sketch scribbled late one night as the moths gathered around a cheap Ikeas table lamp. I think I felt drawn to this character, no pun intended. I felt some empathy for him with his scraggy figure and one eye that was obviously giving him some trouble. So I did the basics and scanned him into the digital world and proceeded to trace him and now he is where I am with a style I am trying to develop and grow in many other characters that exist as scribbles and snapshots in my head.