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Red Bull in the Red Forest

Spiral a retired clown, with melancholy overtones

I'm spiraling down to the hole in the ground where I hide, is the lyric that inspired this creation. It was from the album Final Cut, track Final Cut by Pink Floyd. Also on the album was a track called The Fletcher Memorial Home, so that got me thinking about this Clown, he has spent years making or trying to make people laugh and cry, all those years of absorbing their joy, tears and emotions have gathered up within his soul. Now he has retired to his somewhat derelict retirement home where just sits and reflects on being a Clown, faceless with a job to do nobody will ever know who he was. I worked mainly in Photoshop with a core selection of brushes but I wanted to work as if using my pen and hand stippling most of the lines and detail, so generally a 1 pixel brush, other brushes used for tonal blocking. All in all I am pleased with the outcome, roll on the nest character to develop.


Spiral a retired clown, with melancholy overtones

Hand stippled using a Wacom, brush 1 pixel diameter