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Dimanche soir, Bath Night

Dimanche soir, Bath Night

Bath Night, memories of the dread that was Sunday night. My 1970's school days, watching lame sit coms on the wooden framed television, eating crackers laden with butter with the distinct sound of the Sunday church bells, bliss! I have set myself the task of creating artworks depicting many of my childhood emotions and memories. I want to create a series of illustrations of mainly my own childhood memories covering early years. This piece relates to my dread of Sunday night, school on Monday. I hated bath night as it was Sunday, the church bells rang loud in the village, it was the 1970's TV was great, also the smell of Sunday dinner would woft through the house, this was my brief.

Dimanche soir, Bath Night detail


Pen detail
Cathedral detail

The format was a canvas size 2000 x 3000 px with a 600 dpi resolution. Scanned drawings then layered, most elements consist of a fine detail 1 pxl brush stipple, cross hatch, secondary layers for tone, shadow, highlight applied with soft watercolour brushes.