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Watcher on the Hill

Watcher series: Watcher on the Hill

Watcher series, a new set of illustrations, digital paintings based on the idea that all souls have a watcher, a spiritual guide to maintain and keep order over the souls of all creatures and plants after they end their life as physical entities. Some of these souls have a darker path which requires different types of watcher, some watcher can be more demonic as they need to contain wayward souls from causing harm, decay and death to the living.

Watcher on the Hill, Sketchbook

Sketches and painting sequence

Painting sequence

The Watcher on the Hill is the first in the series, there will also be the Airborne Watcher, and the Nomadic spore Watcher, plus a few others. They all start life as pencil sketches, then scanned to digital and worked on in a layering of tone, and texture with a selection of about 6 brushes in order to get a thick painterly feel.