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The first Indie music App featuring Art and Design

Proud to be featured on Whoozy!

I am very pleased that I have been asked to have an artists feature page on a new platform called Whoozy, officially the first indie music app featuring art and desgin.

Fine art exclusive prints on Curioos

I have opened my shop!

Finally I have opened an online shop where some of my artwork will be available to buy. The shop is through Curioos online gallery dedicated to wall art, they allow me to sell limited and exclusive editions, as well as quality products the the art is printed on.

Two Illustrated Childrens's books

Illustrated Children's books

I have just finished illustrating two ebooks, the books are short stories for both boys and girls and have been written to appeal to their imagination and build their vocabulary. I have worked closely with the author in developing the style of illustration...

Birds and Beaks

Birds and Beaks

A passing flock of birds was the main inspiration for this digital painting/illustration, after thinking what would it be like to be amongst a mass of different birds, with beaks, claws and wings all competing with each other in a tiny space.

Watcher on the Hill

Watcher series: Watcher on the Hill

Watcher series, a new set of illustrations, digital paintings based on the idea that all souls have a watcher, a spiritual guide to maintain and keep order over the souls of all creatures and plants after they end their life as physical entities.

Dimanche soir, Bath Night

Dimanche soir, Bath Night

Bath Night, memories of the dread that was Sunday night. My 1970's school days, watching lame sit coms on the wooden framed television, eating crackers laden with butter with the distinct sound of the Sunday church bells, bliss!

Odd Sant & Bob the Reindeer

Odd Santa & Bob the Reindeer

Odd Santa and his trusty Reindeer have arrived, a little lighthearted illustration which I intended to use for T-shirts, cards and anything with that Christmas feel.

Spiral a retired clown, with melancholy overtones

Spiral a retired clown, with melancholy overtones

I'm spiraling down to the hole in the ground where I hide, is the lyric that inspired this creation. It was from the album Final Cut, track Final Cut by Pink Floyd. Also on the album...

Red Bull in the Red Forest

The Red Bull in the Red Forest

The Red Bull started life a a quick pen sketch on a scrap of paper many moons ago whilst in a rather dull meeting...

Keeper of the Cage

The Keeper of the Cage goes to full artwork

The Keeper of the Cage was inspired after watching the the Birdman of Alcatraz, staring Burt Lancaster, such a beautiful film touching on the bond between two creatures, there is also an architectural Folly that...

The original character

I first drew this character several years ago, just a quick sketch but I felt he had some qualities which I felt could be worked into many other characters I had sketched out or had in my mind to create. So I needed to establish a lead character I felt which other illustrations could grow from.

Freakboy website gets launched

I have spent many years thinking about and occasionally creating characters from things I see and thoughts that bounce around in my head, usually at inappropriate times. And working as a web an graphic designer you see...